Saturday, December 12, 2015

It was really huge, the best, and Mark's a winner

Brewmaster Jeff Engstrom brought just six bottles of his prized Dawson Multi-grain Red to Mark and Vanessa's Christmas Party tonight and unintentionally created an awkward situation. Partygoer Bob Suel showed up late, then sulked about missing out on Jeff's special treat. Other than that, laughter and good times prevailed at the season's best holiday get-together, featuring Vanessa's legendary spread of goodies. Tonight's gathering also gave attendees a chance to toast the host for a national achievement announced this week. Mark is the editor of the Chaska Herald, which was named second in a listing of the best newspapers in the country, under 10,000 circulation (Yes, Virginia, there still are newspapers.). At right, Kathleen congratulated the winner, still glowing from the honors.

Unsie and Stan are the same height. . .
when he's seated.

Meanwhile, Unsie, who has been with the newspapers forever, asked Stan to please check out her Facebook page. There are some really good pictures there, and you can like a 17-year-old poodle named Bettina.
The former colleagues discussed the efficacy of building better social media readership by just making things up. She  also reminisced about the day Stan interviewed her for a job in the late 80s and, she claims, mostly talked about his three teens and their hair dryers. Stan remembers Unsie complaining that her clawfoot tub was so large she couldn't brace and so kept slipping under water and was unable to read in it.
Eventually Stan got around to offering her a job.
She's still there.

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