Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Never a good position . . .

Bi-focals and vertigo cloud the view looking upside down between the pipes.
Today's crisis: The faucet doesn't leak, but it wobbles. Not good.
Looking up under sink. Camera doesn't improve insight if
you don't understand the problem in the first place.
The problem defies solutions. Fifteen years ago a pragmatic installer must have inserted a temporary block to steady the faucet in a too-large plywood hole under the granite. That lash-up worked for quite awhile, but last night the little rotting plywood block finally fell out of service with a clunk, and now the problem facing that nameless installer 15 years ago has been inherited by the hapless
homeowner in sweatpants. His pathetic tool kit includes a pillow, makeup mirror and an assortment of wrenches, none of which are the right size to grasp copper plumbing nuts.
It ain't happening.
This is no plumbing emergency, no drips, no smells, no puddles. Just a floppy faucet in need of firming. But how?
We'll see if good friend Matt has better tools and bigger ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I think K would just spray caulking foam in the hole and hope for the best. He hates plumbing problems.
This is sort of akin to something he and I have each encountered in the last year--finding little screws on the floor of each of our cars.

The best of luck to you!