Monday, December 28, 2015

Today's find

It’s raining in Marysville, Ohio where Solveig and Bill continue the organizing and rehabbing of the grand old Queen Anne housing Bill’s family estate. As they left for lunch, Solveig reached for an umbrella and pulled out one that said “McKinley Hobart” on it.

As they walked, Sosie enjoyed the smooth feel of the wooden handle and wondered, whose umbrella? Where were they in their life? After they ordered our fish and clams, she googled "McKinley Hobart campaign umbrella." 1896. Inauguration, March 4, 1897. Last one sold on EBay for $600.

They will be there for another 12 days before returning to California. Will there be more surprises?Any baseball cards?

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Anonymous said...

So Solveig is Sosie, isn't she? or is it Solvieg? Is it e before i, or i before e? If in English or if in Norsk?