Tuesday, December 29, 2015

But wait, there's more!

Organizing continues in a century's worth of family miscellaneous in Marysville (see post below):
A diligent and persistent Solveig writes of today's surprises and sends along photographic proof:

She writes:
After the amazing umbrella fun with Ella and Will, I didn't expect anything today. I returned to the "back-bedroom boxes" and got into sorting: Historical/Significant/Valuable; Trash; Donate; Recycle; and Shred. As you might recall, the Shearer newspaper people don't toss Evidence or Records or, well, Paper.

I'm a good hour into the not unpleasant, but laborious activity when JACKPOT!!

Yup, $60 tax free, all mine, surprise cash. Energy renewed, I continue, knowing this is today's surprise, thank you very much, Aunt Marilyn.

So imagine my surprise when I open another innocuous envelope and find $81.37!

The third envelope on the lower right is labeled "$5.00 odd money," and contains a $2 bill and six Kennedy half dollars. Oh, and another half hour into the project, $3.50 in an unlabeled envelope.

The evening's not over. Who knows?

On adventure in Marysville,

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Anonymous said...

I wish mY relatives were money squirrels! You are lucky!