Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today's report on our youngest

A week ago Stan and Jennifer enjoyed lunch at the Day by Day Cafe in St. Paul.
They agreed to live One Day at a Time.
Her cheerful spirit is quite contagious.
Two weeks ago, our brave daughter Jennifer underwent surgery for breast cancer. She had endured months of chemotherapy leading up to it.
Jennifer searched hard to find the right surgeon.
She found her, thinks she's the greatest: Dr. Margit Bretzki.
The surgeon was quite pleased with the procedure and its outcome, and now we are too.
We enjoyed Christmas with all three girls and their loved ones; it was great seeing Jennifer in the midst of traditional activities at our house. She even had enough energy to stay up late, after others had left, to have cheesy scrambled eggs and a movie with her mom.
Jennifer saw her much-admired surgeon again today and was judged good to go for a couple more weeks before checking back.
It has been a Happy Holiday in the truest sense and we're most grateful.
We'll continue to take this one day at a time, thank you all for your support and good wishes.


Anonymous said...

She is amazing. Nothing short of it.


Becky Jerdee said...

So proud of you, Jennifer!

Ford and Jenn said...

Wonderful news! Best of wishes for the new year!