Sunday, January 31, 2016

Howling at the Moon

Here are some lovely counter tiles, handy to use in the kitchen for hot things. The image is baked on. Did we buy these in some fashionable home goods store in California? Nope. They're made in Minnesota. by our granddaughter, Emily. We ordered two for here (one is a surprise for Kathleen's sister. Don't worry, she doesn't read this blog.) The other we'll leave here at Hotel California. If you just have to have one too, we can order some more.
Not sure why Emily chose this subject matter, we'll have to ask. But we love the body configuration of the wolf, tilting back, you can feel the energy of the howl. And such a fluffy tail for cold winter nights. (Are we being too grandparentish???)

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Anonymous said...

Love the primitive art, and the energy of it. I like what looks like a reflection too. Sometimes kids 'get it'.

I never knew that Mt Rushmore is unfinished. Wow.