Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Good head, great box!

A buried magnet guides the small head back into the surrounding dock.
You can do it with your eyes closed, the web site claims. 
Opened like a book.
We upgraded the shower head at the Hotel California today. It now works equally for short people and tall people.
There is absolutely no truth to the allegation that the water shortage here has required group showers. That's a strictly voluntary measure, even in this state with its copious water usage regulations.
Kudos to Delta for the easiest plumbing installation ever. The box it came in popped right open with a flick of the wrist. Nothing had to be torn or cut out from some stubborn, unyielding bubble pack, which is usually the nastiest part of getting any new product. The hardest part was wrenching off the old shower head. Everything else was finger tightening, no tools. They suggested using safety goggles, of course. Really.
Can't wait to take a shower in the new set up, it boasts a half dozen spray settings. Decisions, decisions.
Meanwhile, back home, neighbor John Gerken reports an anticipated 8 to 10 inches of snow in Shakopee within the hour. As usual, Kathleen is sorry to miss the excitement of the new snow, Stan not so much,
It is plenty cool here, unseasonably so, we brought in some plants last night. Others will just have to tough it out.
Forecast is for non-stop sunshine from here on out, 70s later, so we're glad for that. Birdie will run in the adjacent meadow this afternoon. She needs exercise after days of waiting and riding. Truth is, we all do.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up, you won't be shoveling any of that rain!

That shower head--I can't guess how it is suspended. Looks Space Age. But very cool.


Tom said...

Enjoy showering! Tom put that same shower head in our Florida retreat. It is a good one.
It started snowing today at 1:00 p.m. and it is still coming down at 8:30 p.m. It looks pretty from inside by the fire.☃❄️☃❄️

Anonymous said...

Officially 9.5 inches in Shakopee. Unlike Kathleen, I could have done without the excitement.
- The Ranger