Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stay indoors!

What do you do when it is 18 below zero overnight? You go indoors to watch ice hockey.
On our way to breakfast this morning, the car thermometer counted down to minus 10. That's as far as it went, we were grateful, a warming trend is apparently on the way. After eggs and bacon it was still cold, so we dropped by the official home of the Prior Lake Lakers to cheer on the locals. They needed it, they'd fallen behind Rosemount by 3 goals.

Watching the Zamboni can be fun too.
You do what you can.
We positioned ourselves behind the home net, Kathleen enjoys the crashing and board action back there, but our presence did little for the home cause.
Earlier, we chatted briefly with old friend Kathy O. Tomorrow she departs with Tom for Florida and a Tuesday morning tee time. It will be sweater weather in Florida by then, she said a high of just 57, but they'll take it. Together we calculated that was 67 degrees warmer than here.
We told her we intend to make our way to the warmth of Hotel California one of these days, not exactly sure when. Soon though. Tomorrow we'll get Danny to an appointment or two. He's got a nasty cold or something, don't know how that could have happened. Need to find out in the morning.
We're sure it will be much warmer by then. . . :)

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