Sunday, January 17, 2016

Show Me -- "The Bachelor!"

You just talk to the tv. It listens. Then. . .
You know the drill. Three remote controls, confusing directions, too many channels, can't find what you want, can't remember where anything is at. Been there. Still there.
Our neighbor Joe is doing something about it. He rang up the cable company and told them that for 10 bucks a month he'd upgrade to a package that includes a voice command remote that combines with other functions, eliminates a couple of remotes and promises a menu that ends the confusion.
This is just one of the pages of channels Joe
commands. Andy Griffith, Bonanza, HBO,
soccer, business, movies, Spike, HGTV. . . it's all there. Joe
thinks he'll be able to find what he wants now.
He's not sure what he'll do with that WIFI hookup.

Oh. And you also get more of those lovely channels. Our 85-year-old widower is up to 200 channels now, but who's counting? He barely has time for lunch any more, there's so much compelling tv to watch. :)
He was happy to demonstrate his new command skills to a curious neighbor this afternoon, who has yet to master his own remotes and can't remember where anything is, or how you switch to the DVD player that nobody supports anymore.
"So Joe," the visitor asked. "How did you learn how to do all this stuff?"
"Oh," he smiled. "I've had 'em back four times to explain it to me. No charge."
Interesting. There's a certain justice at work here.

Joe is down to one remote and hundreds of channels.

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