Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The best part

The best part of swimming laps at the Dakota happens just one lane over.
Every other afternoon a few severely handicapped kids are wheeled into the shallow end and turned loose on their guardian. The spasmodic yelps of joy and screams of excitement are unrivaled anywhere in the building. Simple games and rowdy play keep the water churning in a frenzy of fun stuff geared to their needs.

These kids don’t know it, but while they splash and flail about, they’re teaching the able guys huffing and puffing nearby a lesson in life -- that happiness comes not from what you have, but rather what you do with it. Everybody smiles when they’re in the pool. You just can’t help it.

On the way out through the lobby today, as usual the complainers and victims were broadcasting on big screen cable tvs -- but mercifully the sound had been turned off so there was absolutely no buzzkill.

Still feeling good.


Anonymous said...

Aww. Thanks for sharing that. Really, I can picture it.

I won't comment on Facebook because right now no Minnesotans besides you are acknowledging me. Took a certain football game a little personally, methinks.


Steve Rolfsrud said...

Nice story. Message received. Steve