Saturday, February 13, 2016

Paddleboard Yoga 101

This jetty protects the yacht club. . .and the high school classroom.
Now here's an elective we never had to worry about in the curriculum at Jefferson Senior High: We came across this high school class studying yoga on paddle boards in the storied harbor at Dana Point.
The barefoot instructor was teaching students a variety of exercises in his salty, sunlit classroom . . . we were in attendance for "Downward Facing Dog."

We don't make this stuff up. We got our information directly from an involved parent on shore who was diligently monitoring her daughter's academic progress.

Beach at Dana Point


Sosie said...

I had a similar surprise three years ago. I thought I had a brilliant, original idea: If there is water aerobics, couldn't their be water yoga? In our neighborhood pool? I asked my yoga teacher if we could create this. Sure! Turns out there'd long been water yoga, paddleboard yoga, and apparently, laughing yoga, whatever... Hey,I just looked up "Gardening Yoga!" Yup! Off I go! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's called SUP yoga. StandUpPaddleboard yoga. Here they practice in our city lake, Lake union, with float planes and other watercraft creating quite a chop. Why, I don't know. The newspaper writer who had tried it said that it had all the benefits of regular yoga. Yeah, right. Except the very cold plunge when you tip, taking all your serenity........

We have SUPs on our local little lake, and that doesn't even appeal to me, much less the extra balancing yoga requires.
So, more power to them!!

I'm with the koi___splashing is fun!