Sunday, February 14, 2016

Top this, Gentlemen!

Homemade Sweetheart Roses
Amazing what you can learn while watching YouTube.
Working into the early morning hours today, Andy Tu created this fine chocolate bouquet of dipped strawberries for his steady sweetheart Kelli. His first strawberry rose took a full hour to construct, he picked up speed after that. His sister Lili came in late and added her admiration midway through the six-hour project. Andy's never done anything quite like this before, saw it done on YouTube. He combined plump fresh strawberries, white and molding chocolates, corn syrup, baker's dye and a lot of love. It will be received with elation and appreciation tonight, we're sure. Kelli and Andy will cap their evening with a seafood buffet at the famed Pala Casino.
We'll stay home and enjoy a chilled bowl of Andy's mistakes.

(Andy lives upstairs at the Hotel California.)

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Anonymous said...

And he is beautiful to boot!

How in the world did you feel that quake? I never feel anything under a 5! Princess and the Pea, or extra sensitive sensitivity!