Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tools. . . and workshop by Stanley

Overhead bins are labeled: Paint and Sundries, Electrical, Mungo, Sand and Grind, IKEA, Automotive.
Hai wanted to know "What's a Sundry?" (He knows what Mungo is. Do you?)
Everywhere you look, it says Stanley. . . which should help Hai remember who built out and organized the garage shop for him. Hai can design and build stuff -- cabinets, garden boxes and household gear -- but up until now his shop looked, well, very creatively disorganized.
No longer. The big reveal was Monday and Hai was delighted at the change, and also surprised at the number of tools (some duplicates) he'd already acquired and mislaid.
He promised to keep the garage looking this way, but we won't hold him to it. We couldn't do it either.
Let the sawdust fly. (There's a bin for that too)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful organizing, Stanley!

The only word of caution I would have is about putting cans of paint up so high in earthquake country.

Enjoy, everybody!