Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Red warnings of winter

They had the place to themselves.
The stunned golf course manager hadn't planned on opening up today, but if a couple of fools come calling, what the heck, go ahead, have at it, he said. Dudley and Stanley happily tightened their caps and prepared for a day that was expected to be very cold, wet and dark.

That dire prediction kept the course empty, but it actually wasn't all that bad, the twosome discovered. . . if you dress in layers, as they say in Minnesota.
No rain, partly cloudy, wind not too biting and an occasional ray of sunshine to cheer the hackers working their way through the autumnal setting. Fallen leaves may obscure the balls, they also lend color to the best season of the year. Pros and cons. A glass half full.
Winter will come soon enough, make the best of what's here now.
Solitary maple foreshadows season's end.

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Anonymous said...

Hardy hardy golfers. Why not?

Kathleen, if you want to hang those hydrangea blooms upside down, they should dry in place and keep their color. If you like that sort of thing.

We are expecting a typhoon but there is no national coverage nor Weather Channel reporters in place.