Saturday, October 08, 2016

Andrew's Trump story

Everybody, it would seem, has a story about Donald Trump acting like a pig. Apparently it’s his ordinary behavior, expected and accepted by his loyal following.

Not to be left out, my golfing buddy Andrew has a story too. Not long ago he worked in Brentwood near Hollywood, as sort of a handyman to the stars. Andrew was dating an attractive redhead at the time. Fran and Andrew had a steady and secure relationship. As they often did, one evening they went to Spago’s for dinner. . . and were seated at the table next to Donald Trump and his newest, Melania.

It wasn’t long before the future presidential candidate spotted Fran, hopped over and introduced himself. Andrew said he was amazed at how aggressively Trump engaged Fran, but was more amused by the antics than offended. Melania, apparently already used to this behavior, looked bored.

For her part, Fran, quite secure in her relationship with Andrew, was mostly entertained as Mr. Trump pushed way beyond the bounds of appropriate discourse between strangers.

After this had gone on for way too long, Andrew told me, he felt like saying, “Well, do you just want to take her home and I'll take your date home?"

He wouldn't actually say that, of course, because Andrew is no pig.


Anonymous said...

So in keeping with what we just saw. Females as property. Aargh!


Ron said...

Great story. Good for Andrew. Linda