Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sosie hits the Mother Lode

Oh My Goodness!
The excitement continues in Marysville, Ohio, where Sister Sosie and husband Bill toil away reviving the vintage property that came into their possession a few years ago with the passing of Bill's great aunt. Highlights of the week included an auction sale nearby that drew interest from far and wide for the cornucopia of tools being put up for auction.
But that is not what caught the eye of our garden-bound sister. Let her tell it.
Sosie writes:
".. . . Such a week ended with the lavish social event of the season, Ralph's auction.
"Ralph, 91, retired from masonry and construction last year, and his tools of trade filled an acre. A body of men in boots and baseball caps followed the auctioneer from pile to pile. I counted at least a dozen vehicles that could be driven to the store to pick up a six pack--van, pickup truck, tractor, couple of back hoes, riding mowers, that sort of thing. 
Bill, Ralph and bologna sandwiches
"It was a great place to hang your thumbs in your jean pockets, kick some tires, slap a guy on the back, and spit. Here's Bill and Ralph hanging out by the food truck, which served fried bologna sandwiches, pert near as good as the ones you can get in Waldo, Ohio. You don't know about that? Look up them world famous Bologna sammiches on yer Internet!!!! 
"Ralph asked if I'd bid on anything, and I said I couldn't wait for the bidding to start on an outrageously rich pile of compost:
"'Oh that,' Ralph said, 'come Monday, you can come take all you want. That's from Select Sires (-the premier provider of highly fertile, superior genetics accompanied by effective reproductive- and herd-management products and services. Er, well, the big boys - ) and they can't get rid of their manure as fast as it's produced. My neighbor got a trailer load of it for free and so I asked for a load and they delivered it in a semi tractor trailer truckload!!! Take all you want, please!'
"It's a rich week ahead, that's for darned sure!"

We're happy that Sosie is happy. Sometimes joy is just a pile of free manure.

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I can relate to Solveig's excitement.