Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Where did it go?

Birdie contemplated the first "real" snowfall of 2013 on Dec. 4.
Walking home from lunch at the O’Brien Public House today, the pedestrian stepped aside for an orange county maintenance truck sporting a recently-mounted snow removal blade. The massive 12-foot curved plowshare glinted in the sunlight, shined and sharpened and ready. Perched high above the county road, two eager operators returned a thumbs up sign from the pedestrian. Nobody moves snow better or with more pride than Minnesotans. After a spate of unseasonably warm weather, snowcasters are now waffling on weekend predictions, Friday snowshowers seem to be the prevalent choice. Whatever happens, operators are standing by. A good thing too. We may need their plows to get to the airport on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

you will get there, or die trying, I know. Thanksgiving in the desert--ahhh.

We are getting our first significant snow in the mountains too. Guess it couldn't hold off forever.