Saturday, December 24, 2016

Early start for Christmas Day festivities

Grandma and her helper, Maxwell, tended the buffet.
With questionable weather looming, Kathleen moved our official annual family Christmas up 24 hours, to a good result. Twelve family members gathered and enjoyed ham and scalloped potatoes, a variety of salads and vegetables, and a blueberry pie.
We changed the format on the gift-giving, everybody simply brought three gifts -- new or used --which were randomly chosen by turns. Then a barter session ensued, as merrymakers improved their holdings, by swapping for more appropriate gifts.

Caught taking an early helping.

Emily and Christina got into Santa's closet and made a surprise appearance (above). Meanwhile, Birdie discovered an untended spinach/cheese loaf upstairs and helped herself to no bad result -- and spent the remainder of the holiday sprawled contentedly on the ottoman.
Tomorrow we'll let the winds come, the sleet, snow and rain pelt the city; we're happy to be snug at home with loved ones safe, finishing another wonderful Christmas season.

From left, Kathleen, Alex, Jennifer, Stan, Christina, Gabby, Missy, Tasha, Marcy and Emily.
Missing is Maxwell who is taking the picture because we don't have a selfie stick.

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