Sunday, December 25, 2016

Story Grandchildren. . . believers all

Lucy, age 6, front and center, isn't at all afraid of Santa anymore. Her younger brother, Cameron, following her lead, isn't either. This was not always so. A wonderful exchange took place between the little one and the old gent last night, culminating in her receiving permission from the ultimate authority figure (who checked with Mom just to be sure) to have a best friend stay with her overnight.
The neighbor's grandchildren have hosted the Clauses every Christmas Eve for 15 years. Hundreds of photos documenting this exist on albums and on line. It has been great watching the neighbors' grandchildren grow up and reading their achievements aloud from the Santa list that Grandma and Grandpa Story prepare, along with an assortment of gifts. Most of them have grown too big for Santa's aging knees, but they willingly take their turns beside him. We're sure they'll never outgrow believing in the magic of Christmas Eve and the anticipation and wonder of what is to come.

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