Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A good start. . .

Nothing like a little pick-me-up on this sub-zero February morning, getting ready for another round of exercises. Kathleen's purple Campanula, flanked by a silver-nerved Fittonia (foreground) did the trick. High of 14 degrees . . .  we hope.

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen's little garden corner is very sweet.
usually this time of year, my sister and I go to our favorite nursery and select some houseplants or colorful something to bring home. This is the time to tell you all shopping is out for me till I have my hip replaced. Not scheduled yet, so don't spread the word. Putting things in motion, finished pre-op clearing with Primary, etc., and actually getting that famous handicapped parking placard also.

The other reason we are not going this year is that we usually kill what we bring home anyway.
It's ego-deflating to a gardener!