Monday, February 06, 2017

Let's Get Physical, Physical

Usually Stan's Occupational Therapist focuses on the small things: pins, checkers, play dough, little bouncy balls, pinch tests, etc.
Not today!
After a few minutes of minutia, we went for the big stuff, and worked on machines, weights and balls . . . all the while standing on a foam pad. Kathleen stood in the shadows and got these photos of two men at work.
We're making steady progress and can report small victories as we continue to put this whole episode behind us. Thanks, Tony, Kristen, and Catie!


Anonymous said...

yup Yup Yup. And your typing looks like it has improved by leaps and bounds!


rjerdee said...

Lots of solidarity with you! Ah, the blue balance pad...have they put you in the little room with the moving walls and floor? I call it the torture chamber :) But I beat it!