Monday, February 13, 2017

His wife said to stay as long as possible . . .

Fellow retired publisher Steve Messick stopped by this afternoon for a visit, and to see what all the fuss is about. Stan was president of Southwest Newspapers while Steve headed up Rivertown Publishing Group in Red Wing. So there were Olde Tymes to talk about.
Then they drove over to see their old buddy, newspaper handyman and fishing guide, Matt, recovering from a hip operation that requires weeks of resting on his back with a styrofoam wedge velcroed between his legs, his little dog, Homer, at his side.
They talked about fishing, old friends and a little about their aches and pains. (Steve got to tell about his rotator cuff while the guy with the stroke and the guy with the busted hip nodded politely) Steve and his ever-patient wife, Jane, will be heading to their lake cabin near Brainerd to check that out shortly. He's made furniture for it in his retirement workshop.
 "Stop in and see me anytime," said the guy with the velcro wedge. "I'm not going anywhere."
Meanwhile, in International Falls, retired publisher Wayne Kasich is recuperating from hand surgery.
It's good to get these things ironed out in January and February, they agreed.

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