Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where's Virg?

Virg may be in the Florida sun these days, but that doesn't mean the stay-behinds can't get together, especially when it is unseasonably warm and sunny in these parts.
When Kim says she's cookin' we don't have to be asked twice. She whipped up a cabbage salad, some turkey meatballs and fried rice, and topped it off with a chocolate cake she made in a crockpot. And then she surprised Stan with a copy of "Stroke Smart",  the official publication of the National Stroke Association.

Nephews Aaron, 34, and Alex, 27, joined us for the festivities. . . and Virg knew what he was missing.

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Sosie said...

Ahhhh. The cobalt blue dishes, thanks to Nils Rolfsrud, who as a child worked sorting cobalt in the mines, not a job he wanted. Did you know Norway produced about 99 percent of the cobalt used worldwide pre 1900? Yes. For China, England, Netherlands, all. Dear Nils. Mines were his bane. I think of him as I enjoy my cobalt blue china and glassware. I imagine the food served was absolutely delicious, based on delightful experience!