Sunday, June 18, 2017

A two fer?

The card said "Happy Birthday and (added later with a grin)Happy Father's Day.
A wire crossed somewhere in my beautiful daughter’s head this week, and she greeted me today with a heartfelt “Happy Birthday, Stan!” And then she handed me a bag with a cornucopia of gifts marking the special day. We were enjoying breakfast at the Blackbird Cafe on Nicollet when I opened her personalized card that began sweetly “On your 70th Birthday, did you think you would still be hitting the gym?” The thing is, it’s not my birthday until July. We had a big laugh over it, (no turning 50 or dumb blond jokes, please) then finished up a very nice Father’s Day morning. And guess what? In a few weeks we can do it all over again. (We wondered if I should give the card back so she can use it again.) Happy Fathers Day/Birthday to all my friends!

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