Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fast and furious -- first time

Here's the latest from California, where Hai continues his ocean fishing off San Diego. He writes:
Bluefin tuna are among the most elusive fish in the Ocean. They can sprint up to 50 mph and weigh in at half a ton. Many people have been drawn out to sea in the hopes of hooking one.
I met couple guys on the boat. They have been out fishing in this water 4 times this month and have not hooked one yet.
 Well, I hooked one today on my first Bluefin trip. We were 60 nautical miles off shore. While it is not a giant, this 50 pound beast put me to work for 45 mins. Bluefin tuna are warm blooded so they can keep their core temperature above the surrounding temperature. This enables them to maintain a high metabolic rate for predation and speed.
They are expensive in Japan because of their high fat content flesh. Bluefin tuna belly is delicious. Japanese sushi masters would love to have their knife on this fish.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now that won't fit in a Starkist can!!
Great job Hai!


Anonymous said...

The fishing gods smiled on you.

Sue Tegland said...

from Sue.