Friday, November 09, 2018


You'll have to forgive us. We can't help it. Please try to understand. Jennifer's clear scan on Monday brought out so many feelings of joy we looked for ways to express them, and why not? Joy to the World! The season of happiness came a little early for us, that's all. Just when we thought the season might be dark for us, the lights came on! So the tree came out and the decorations too. Hope all our new neighbors get it, we'll be happy to tell anyone the reason for rushing the season.
And Jennifer will host the family Christmas at her place this year!


rjerdee said...

Wow! Forgiven. Understood.

And you aren't alone...We have begun bringing out the good-news goods! We're doing a French Christmas/Reveillon this year...

Anonymous said...

Joy to the World!

-The Ranger